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Movers & Shakers! Luis Urquiza takes the IB business to the max

A new year, a new era of innovation, and in the fast-moving FX industry, those at the cutting edge who…

A new year, a new era of innovation, and in the fast-moving FX industry, those at the cutting edge who are not content with simply going through the motions and emulating their peers before heading home at the end of the working day will likely reveal yet more industry-changing developments.

To give an insight into the personality, charisma and just what makes such things happen, FinanceFeeds met with some of the movers and shakers of the industry for an open and casual discussion on what the industry is likely to look like, with a splash of comedy for those who appreciate.

From an the perspective of an avantgarde, international introducing broker, it’s over to Luis Urquiza, CEO of FinancialFX.

What’s new?

Besides my new haircut and renewed star wars t-shirts (planning on selling them at the premier of Star Wars XVII. Should make a nice profit by then), I am full of new projects of horse!

As an educator, I am releasing three new forex online courses for the Hispanic market. Mid March is the release date, and I hope to help expand the knowledge among aspiring traders to trade on the market in the right way.

I am also expanding my services as business consultant….and as speaker at entrepreneurial events.

Ok, so nobody is perfect. What is the biggest thing you can improve on from last year?

Financial FX was launched last year. So far so good, but many things can improve of course: sales funnel, webpage, sales arguments, coffe machine, etc etc. Look forward overcoming these challenges this year .

What was the funniest thing or incident that happened in the office last year? Any cringe or epic fail moments?

Ha! I can think of one or two!

First one, and experience with a sales executive from a retail broker overseas. I get at least once a month a request from these guys to trade with them (coming the request from different cities, not a very organized approach I think).

There was this lady inviting me very kindly to open an account with them so I could have access to their educational videos and other aspects. Now, I train my sales people to first find out about a potential client´s background to adapt our services/products to what might be more suitable.

Normally brokers ask me to be their IB, email my suscription database, be their affiliate, etc etc. But there was this girl assuming I was a newbie. I kindly replied that I would be wise to Google their prospects to adapt their sales speech to them. She replied it was a standard email, and that in any case we could discuss in person about the forex market.

Again I hinted at knowing something about their prospect (NB: Google me you fool, and realize I´m a pro!), and again she replied with something totally irrelevant.

It was only when I added her on linkedin that her “aha” moment came (or so it seemed). Guess what? She came back to me and told me that since I was acquainted with the market (like having thousands of visitors on my blog, having videos on youtube, webinars and articles on different webs was just “being acquainted”), I could be interested in the services of a money manager.

I mean, honestly, some people need and IQ energizing drink or some shxxt like that to not even read on my profile that I WAS a money manager. Long story short: girl still in the same company, me still a profitable trader.

If we are sitting here in one year from now discussing what you as a company have achieved in 2016, what do you hope to be the big achievements?

Believe it or not I do actually care that my customers are profitable (shocking in the industry I know!!!). Profitable customers means more revenue for me on the longer term, and less customer turnover. That´s why our approach is a personalized as it can be (I directly call my customers when I see them in red and give them advice on trading). So one of my indicators will be customer turnover, which I hope it will be less than 50%.

Secondly, I want to sell my online courses on a massive scale. That´s why I am partnering with Udemy (website dedicated to online education) so they can send my courses to their massive list.

I would also like to see for once a movie where the bad guy wins. Would be cool to see the Joker beat Batman to death….but I guess that won´t happen right?

If your company morphed into a super-hero or animal in 2016; what would it be?

It would have to be a hunting animal (some feline species). Since we have enough patience to make the right move, and when we do it we do it quick.

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