New Meme Coin ICO Dogeverse Raises $6 Million After Completing Coinsult Audit


A new multichain meme coin, Dogeverse, has raised $6 million in its presale and recently passed a smart contract audit.

The new meme coin leverages bridge technology, ensuring the token is available across the most prominent on-chain markets.

Multichain Approach Creates Widespread Accessibility

Dogeverse’s approach to multichain availability means the token is available across the leading smart contract-enabled blockchains.

Its initiative begins on Ethereum, BSC, and Polygon but will soon launch on Solana, Base, and Avalanche.

Through this approach, Dogeverse becomes more versatile and can sustain itself if users migrate from one of its supported chains to another.

The multichain feature also connects the different blockchain communities under one meme coin banner.

Dogeverse Raises $6M as Meme Coin Narrative Continues

The meme coin market has been dominant in the crypto industry recently, with its total valuation exceeding $45 billion.

The presale includes a staking mechanism that yields Dogeverse tokens, the mechanism works so that the yield will decrease as the staking pool grows.

Coinsult, a blockchain security firm, has conducted a smart contract audit on the new presale meme coin.

As per its findings, Dogeverse poses no high or medium-risk smart contract issues, and just one low-risk bug was uncovered. However, Coinsult notes that the Dogeverse team has acknowledged the issue.

Data shows that Dogeverse is receiving social media engagement and growth. Within the last week, the Dogeverse X account has surpassed 4K followers, while the Dogeverse Telegram account surpassed 2K.

The project has even been covered by media outlets and market analysts, with names like ClayBro supporting its “multichain utility.”

Meanwhile, Crypto Gains also praised the project and notified investors that its exchange launch will occur soon.

About Dogeverse

Dogeverse is a new meme coin launching across six leading smart contract-enabled blockchains. It is currently undergoing a presale where it has introduced a staking mechanism, encouraging users to lock up their tokens for passive rewards.

The Dogeverse presale launched in April 2024 at with a hard cap of $17 million. It has raised $6 million so far. The project’s smart contract recently received an audit from Coinsult.

Market participants can visit the Dogeverse presale here.

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