New platform goes live! “Newbie Trader” aims to be first responsible trading platform in the industry

ParagonEX Dynamic Launches a “Newbie Trader” Platform, looks to revolutionize the retail trading experience and make life easier for inexperienced traders

It’s not every day that a new trading platform is released, however as the maturity of the retail FX industry increases, the demand for sophisticated, highly complex platform technology has had to keep up with the increasing demand of experienced traders.

However, what about the novices? Surely they are an important part of the future for many retail brokers as the need to expand into new customer bases continues to be a vital part of the retail brokerage business today.

ParagonEX Dynamic announces innovative software, specifically designed for beginners in trading.

The company to take this on is platform and trading software development company ParagonEX Dynamic, which continues to expand its range of services, this time with a special product for new users wanting to understand the nuts and bolts of how the trading world works. 

The software provider has developed the comprehensive platform in accordance with the different levels of experience of the beginner trader in mind.

What is “Newbie Trader”

“Newbie Trader” is a simplified chart based trading platform specifically designed for users who are just getting started and are willing to enhance their knowledge and trading skills.

By using this software, new traders are granted full access to spot foreign exchange currency trading (FX) as well as commodity, and stock trading. ParagonEX Dynamic considers it to be safe to use for inexperienced traders as a result of its risk free “Responsible Trading” functionality.

Features for newbie traders

The platform has been designed so that beginners in trading are able to bypass all the intricacies, which, in today’s software solutions are often intended to serve traders of a more advanced level, and therefore leave the inexperienced trader underserved and confused, leading to losses. 

The concise UI is clear and efficient which provides the new users the ability to access the markets relatively quickly and with a degree of confidence. 

Basic but fundamental features:


  • Chart Trading: Traders can track active positions, as well as possible gain or loss.
  • Maximum Loss Setting: This allows novice traders to learn safely without risking all their investment
  • Responsible trading: This is a risk free mode, which is safe to use for inexperienced traders
  • Automatically calculates the win and the loss of certain trades based on the existing balance
  • Open Deals Tab: This encompasses all the client’s active trades
  • Recent Deals Tab: Shows information pertaining to the already closed deals
  • Responsive design incorporated into a single display truly concise and intuitive trade flow 



Key benefits

ParagonEX Dynamic considers the services that the Newbie Trader platform provides stand out from existing retail platforms, in that many of today’s retail traders are experienced, hence the need for very detailed platforms, however providing inexperienced traders with a suitable platform to begin their journey in the markets is very important.

The company considers that the substantial advantage is that it is specially tailor made for beginners in trading with little to no experience, therefore Newbie Trader is the first responsible trading platform in the industry.

Accordingly, ParagonEX Dynamic has done the necessary research and has put a lot of thought and effort to come up with an uncompromising UI/UX design that will suit this specific user category – traders that are newcomers to the electronic markets.

Built for simplicity into consideration, Newbie Trader is equipped with all the features needed for a novice to fully comprehend the functionality of the platform. Via the straightforward approach, a presumptive trader’s confusion has been reduced to nonexistent. 

Moreover, the easy to use system offers more than one trading option. The users are presented with the opportunity to make trades with foreign exchange currencies, and stocks and commodities, likewise.

The vast array of features that are included comprise financial technology and educational platforms, a full multi-asset trading platform, CRM panel, API and MT5 integration, mobile phone apps for trading on the go and many more. 

Fintech innovations by ParagonEX Dynamic

The company designates itself as one of the leaders in developing innovative and user–friendly financial technology platforms suitable for every level of experience, or curated specifically for a certain group of traders, in this case newcomres to the financial markets. 

In this solution, users can choose between the advanced Web Trader platform, designed for both novice and experienced traders, or they can decide on starting with more beginner–level solutions such as Simple Trader or Newbie Trader, however, the company also provides other platform solutions which have been engineered for experienced traders.

Additionally, the Social Trader platform provides users with the opportunity copy the strategies of top-performing investors. 

Amongst the variety of services, traders can also make use of the Portfolio Management software, which they can benefit from by investing their capital in different portfolio strategies, as well as to build their own portfolio.

Integration solutions

As an extension of the fintech platforms in the company’s portfolio, users can leverage top-notch integration tools and widgets. One of the milestones for ParagonEX Dynamic is the development of its All-in-One CRM panel. 

The panel includes many built-in features, which serve the purpose to provide a user-friendly enterprise environment and sustain the industry best practices. Traders who take this solution have full access to in-depth analyses as well.

Another important aspect is the Meta Trader 5 integration. This is a multi-asset platform that allows the trading of FX, futures, stocks, and CFDs and can be integrated into MetaTrader 5 for brokers that already use that system. It offers tools for convenient and powerful trading functionality as well as integration with popular liquidity providers.

Additionally, ParagonEX Dynamic’s new platform is equipped with various integration tools for platform development, as well as being engineered for integration with payment providers and affiliate networks

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