Newly established binary options firm TRILT speaks out on value proposition, and how to advance in a competitive world

The binary options industry is continuing to grow, and in today’s era in which brands providing similar services proliferate this particular sector of the business, it is always of interest when a new brand appears with a vision to develop and reassess the current status quo in the binary options market. Having established its operations […]

Binary Options firm TRILT talks value

The binary options industry is continuing to grow, and in today’s era in which brands providing similar services proliferate this particular sector of the business, it is always of interest when a new brand appears with a vision to develop and reassess the current status quo in the binary options market.

Having established its operations in Cyprus, newly founded binary options firm TRILT spoke with FinanceFeeds to give a full and detailed account of the method by which it will conduct business.

Today, FinanceFeeds spoke to the company’s CEO, Marios Vourgos, in Limassol Cyprus, who detailed the company’s path ahead.

It would be very interesting to understand the rationale behind TRILT, and what the essential goals of the company were when it was established.

Like every strategic investor, the founders of Trilt researched a variety of Industries with specific attributes. After going through a number business plans complete with projected P&L reports from fast growing industries Trilt founders realized that the Forex industry and Binary options industry specifically was going to yield the best results as there was room for a highly dedicated and professional Brokerage firm to blossom and explore the specific niche that was identified.

The Niche was none other than client satisfaction through a legitimate and transparent vehicle to invest. We strive for Trust, Integrity and Reliability and through our high interpersonal skills we create long lasting & profitable relationships with our clients. Furthermore all TRILT personnel are of the highest caliber and we will provide the highest quality service to our clients through our professionalism and long experience in the financial sector.

According to very accurate digital research by FinanceFeeds, there are 282 active binary options brands in current existence, split between 6 platform providers. Having an edge over the burgeoning competition these days is vital. What does TRI Trading Leader provide to its retail clients that is unique in order to differentiate itself?

Besides offering a vast variety of assets from the complete array of instruments ranging from Indices, to Stocks, Currency Pairs and Commodities, we also offer an attractive return on investment for both your classic options and for the past pace investor. In fact, it seems that we are the only ones offering expiries from 15 seconds all the way up to the end of the month on the majority of our assets. As far as choice and returns, we are on the top of the list.

What really sets us apart is the drive for perfection and the paramount professionalism we can offer through our 80 years of shared experience in the Banking and Corporate finance sector and to survive and thrive in this highly competitive industry you have to be doing something right…

Many binary options brands that are in current existence buy leads from gambling sites and consider themselves the next step for users of online gaming platforms in order to sell the idea of investing in financial markets to those who had previously been avid gamblers. Do you think that this is a sustainable method, or do you think that binary options firms need to concentrate on attracting good quality middle-income clients who will trade live markets and remain loyal customers whilst raising the profile of OTC binary options?

To be honest with you Andrew, that’s not really the type of investor we would like to attract.

We want to provide our clients with a Stellar trading environment and unprecedented support where they will have the opportunity to learn how to trade by correctly analyzing the markets, creating a stable and long term relationship. We do not view Binary Options as gambling.

Binary Options trading is based on educated guesses where one has with the current technology a huge amount of sources and information to take into consideration and explore in an effort to generate correct and profitable trades. Fundamental & Technical Analysis, are both part of the equation for success.

Consequently and by definition as stemming from out Motto and business philosophy, the answer is yes: Our goal is attracting good quality middle-income clients who will trade live markets and remain loyal customers whilst raising the profile of OTC binary options.

What type of client demographic will TRI Trading Leader attract, and from which regions?

We are not targeting a specific client demographic. We feel and strongly believe that anyone with the hunger to learn and dedication should have the opportunity to improve his quality of life with a consistent trading plan yielding additional incomes.

Most importantly, we all at Trilt share the same philosophical predisposition: People need to get back the Power of their Money through knowledge and continuous education.

Do you think that in future, binary options brands will have to adapt their business model away from the current profit/loss sales call center methodology, especially in light of current media reports which have focused on the firms that do not transfer their client orders to live markets, instead placing them in the ‘bucket’ and profiting from client deposits? If so, how do you view the future ecosystem in terms of functionality and trading environment?

Andrew, you know the numbers probably better than me and to quote you: ‘’ there are 282 active binary options brands in current existence, split between 6 platform providers’’.

The market is obviously saturated. Inherently the market will correct itself. Many companies will close simply for failing financially, others will be shut down by regulators for failing to comply with regulations, whilst a big number of white labels that do not provide adequate service will be pushed out of the market by leading companies who have become MOGULSD and finally the scene will clear paving a pathway to a fairer, strictly regulated, respected and widely acknowledged trading instrument.

The lifetime value of traders in binary options is very short indeed, often just a matter of a few weeks, whilst onboarding new customers is expensive – around $700. What will TRI Trading Leader do to mitigate this, and do you expect a longer lifetime value from clients due to value proposition?

As previously stated, we want to help our clients create working portfolios where they will have formulated a trading plan with monthly financial goals set in place governed by strict risk management parameters. I can give you a hypothetical example of what such a plan would look like:

Hypothetical Example:
Account Balance: $1000

Risk Management: 2.5%

Trade Plan: 3 Trades per Day
The 2.5% Risk Management allows us to place $25 Trades: 1000*2.5%= $25
$25 *80% (Average Return on Investment)= $20 Profit from a single trade

$20 *3 (Trades Per Day)= 60$ Daily Target

$60 *20 (Trading Days in a Month)= $1200 Projected Monthly Return

As you understand the account balance at the end of the first month will be 2200$ (1000$ initial investment + 1200$ Projected Profits). For the second month we will be able to lower the risk management to 2% in order to further safeguard the investment. The key here is to minimize the exposure and maximize the returns.

If such plans are in place which require a high amount of discipline, then I don’t see a reason why the shelf life of a Binary Options trader should be short. I am sure there are millions of people making a living from day trading.

Can you imagine the freedom it provides you? You’re basically putting your money to work for you. All you need is a computer and an internet connection. You can be sitting in a high rise in Mayfair or even at a white sandy beach in Honolulu. All that would be required is 1-2 hours of careful and strategic trading and planning.

Which platform are you providing to clients, and have there been any custom modifications?

The platform we provide to our clients is powered by TRADOLOGIC. The platform is not complicated and very user friendly. All our clients will receive the attention they deserve staring with a walk through of the platform upon registration.

A completely new version of the platform is currently in production and we are eagerly awaiting to announce its launch.

Being that we consist of a team of highly skilled professionals with almost a century of expertise, we truly understand the need to develop, transform and evolve in order to satisfy the ever needy and demanding client.

For that reason, we will collect and analyze clients feedback and suggestions on a quarterly basis, in order to integrate any requests that are logical, financially viable and useful to the end user. We want to give our clients the attention they deserve.

What will be the next step for TRILT?

What is a plan A, without a plan B,C,D and E? The future of Trilt has already been thought out. With the ongoing developmnt of the Binary Branch we have are goals set to launching a Forex brand, an FCA registration for both Binaries and Forex, a managed accounts firm, a trading academy and finally to become listed at a major European stock exchange.

Featured image: Limassol Marina, Cyprus. Copyright FinanceFeeds

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