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OANDA’s fxTrade mobile app provides more info about trades on the chart

The latest version of the app was released on April 20, 2017, and offers further enhancements to chart trading functionalities.

OANDA has been one of the companies that have been regularly updating their mobile solutions. The latest set of enhancements concerns OANDA’s fxTrade mobile application for Android devices – the new version of the app was released on April 20, 2017, with some bug fixes and further improvements to chart trading functionalities.

When trading on the chart, users of the application can now see more information about their trades.

Another change is that traders will be prompted to confirm when reducing or reversing a position. This is a piece of good news for those who are afraid they may make a mistake in this respect due to a random finger move.

Concerning fixes – let’s note that OANDA’s team has fixed a scenario that allowed data updates to continue when the app was in the background. This should prevent excessive data (and battery) consumption.

The latest release comes about a month after the previous update to the application which focused on chart trading experience, with users of the solution given the ability to close trades from the chart. Other enhancements included the option to view and modify Stop & Limit Order types created at https://trade.oanda.com in the application.

The OANDA mobile trading application offers access to over 120 instruments, such as currency pairs, precious metals, and CFDs for international markets, indices, commodities, and bonds. Users also get access to live, real-time prices to trade major, minor and exotic instruments. The solution provides access to more than 50 technical tools, including 32 overlay indicators, 11 drawing tools, and 9 charts.

OANDA invites traders to use the new Feedback button on the More tab (this is available on phones only) to share their ideas, and to upvote other users’ ideas.

This is barely surprising given that OANDA has recently launched a special website, called OANDA Prototypes, whose main goal is to receive important feedback on new features and functionalities.

The website presents a list of the new features that OANDA’s User Experience Design and Development teams are currently working on. Each new feature is accompanied by a brief description, as well as a “View” button that opens a window presenting a given feature in more detail. Feedback can be provided in Comment Mode, however, some users have noted that this form is quite passive and leaves no room for new ideas but rather for short remarks.

Perhaps these users will appreciate the feedback features on OANDA’s mobile app. Or they may simply stick to OANDA’s fxTrade Forum.

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