Payment gateway for cryptocurrency and Forex brokers

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The brokerage business is among the most promising ways to get profits, and the market experiences a real boom of newly created Forex and crypto brokers. Due to the exceptionally high competition level, newcomers demand something truly eye-catching to convince traders to remain on their platforms.


A functional and safe payment gateway for cryptocurrency and Forex brokers is among the key-note aspects for a beginner business owner. Which providers to connect with?

Why do brokers need to connect with a payment provider?

Traders who’ve created an account on your trading platform expect to find a string of convenient options for deposits and withdrawals. Forex and crypto brokerage companies enable traders to experience no troubles and headaches related to financial issues.

On the other hand, international payment systems like VISA and MasterCard understand brokers as high-risk companies; this is why direct cooperation is impossible. The same situation concerns banking institutions. Payment providers play the role of mediators between payment systems and FX/crypto brokerage companies. Such providers process traders’ deposits and withdrawals, offering convenient and secure conditions.

As for payment providers, they suggest various solutions for Forex or the crypto broker business.

Which deposit and withdrawal methods are the most in-demand?

While looking for a top-rated provider, take the available payment options into account. The following methods are recognized as the most widespread:

  • Debit and credit cards. About 70-80% of traders prefer to deposit and withdraw funds with the help of bank cards (American Express, MasterCard, VISA).
  • E-wallets. Neteller and Skrill are the most in-demand options, but the more electronic wallets are available – the better.
  • Wire transfers. About 5-10% deposit money through SEPA and SWIFT transfers from time to time.

Never limit the list of deposit and withdrawal options, as your traders need to access the most convenient option. Furthermore, take the geographical factor into account to empower your clients with the most matching methods.

Turnkey broker solutions

When you have no idea how to start a crypto business or a Forex brokerage company, turnkey solutions are the best way to be in the black.

B2Broker, an industry-leading company, offers two turnkey solutions: FX brokerage and crypto brokerage. A business owner gets a company that has already been licensed and connected to top-rated payment providers. Furthermore, the service includes high-end components like the best matching trader’s room, WL trading platform, etc.

As such, you are magically passing by all the stages, facing no headaches. The service teleports to the end of the way. B2Broker mixes innovations and corporate experience to make your business truly successful!

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