Phillip Securities rolls out POEMS Mercury trading platform

Phillip Securities rolls out POEMS Mercury trading platform

The new platform is aimed at active traders, who need to keep up with the fluid and fast-changing markets.

Singaporean electronic trading giant Phillip Securities Pte Ltd has announced the launch of a new trading platform – POEMS Mercury. The solution is set to complement the existing POEMS (Phillip’s Online Electronic Mart System) suite, which already includes platforms like POEMS 2.0 (web) and POEMS Mobile.

The multi-market and multi-screen platform provides trading with instruments across seven global exchanges. POEMS Mercury also allows docking and linking of multiple modules and it supports dual-language. The range of order types is wide, including advanced order-types such as Stop-Limit and If-Done with various validities to help traders manage their order execution better and more efficiently. Extensive technical insights are provided thanks to over 40 indicators on Chart View. The Workspaces & Settings are fully customizable, whereas traders can configure price and order alerts as they please (including a variety of sound files).

What’s with the name? The company made its pick based on the qualities of the chemical element Mercury which is used in thermometers to indicate minute changes in temperature. The substance is sensitive and fluid, as markets are fluid and fast-changing.

The platform seeks to offer traders advantages in terms of speed – speed in obtaining the information they need, speed in analyzing data, speed in decision-making and speed in execution. POEMS Mercury aims to secure quick order entry, cancellation and amendments. That is why, the platform targets active traders.

The launch of POEMS Mercury marks another diversification and expansion step for the Phillip Capital group of companies. This trend applies to the product and technology solutions offered by the group, as well as to the growth of its business portfolio worldwide. After expanding to the UK via the launch of PHILLIPCAPITAL UK – a Forex broker based in London, in April 2015, Phillip Capital has recently unveiled plans to further beef up its FX business segment.

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