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Swissquote prepares to launch social network Pulse on Android devices

The development team tested the service last week and it is set to be available for all Android Swissquote users at some point this week.

Following the successful rollout of Pulse, the new social network for traders, developed by Swissquote Group Holding SA (SWX:SQN), on iOS devices early this year, we have been expecting that the company will push further and launch the service on Android gadgets too.

This move seems to be very close, as last week Swissquote’s team published a test message on Pulse via an Android device using its mobile app. The company said the feature should become available to all Android users of its mobile solution at some point this week.

Pulse is a relatively new development – it is still in its beta phase, but Swissquote gradually works to enhance it with stability improvements and new edit functionalities.

The launch of the web version of the network was announced in August last year and several months after that Pulse became available to users of Swissquote’s mobile banking and trading application for iOS devices. Traders can log in via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn too.

Traders use the network for sharing ideas about trades and voice their opinions on the latest market developments. In addition, network members provide feedback about Swisssquote’s services and request new features. The network is also used by Swissquote to make announcements to its clients in a friendlier and a less formal environment.

The pending launch of Pulse on Android devices underlines Swissquote’s commitment to enhancing its mobile technology solutions. To provide a recent example, it released two updates to the Swissquote Mobile Banking and Trading Solution for iOS devices in less than a week.

More interestingly, the development of Pulse reiterates Swissquote’s focus on the social aspect of the trading experience. For that matter, let’s note that users of the Swissquote Mobile Banking and Trading Solution get notifications when they pass close to a Swissquote Lounge. The lounges allow getting to know the company and the trading community better. In the lounges, traders can access direct stock market information in a relaxed atmosphere, read the financial press, find out more about the company’s services or simply enjoy a cup of coffee.

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