Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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IG US launches mobile app Bad Trader: “Like if r/wallstreetbets went live on Twitch”

"I got into trading because the internet is dead and the planet’s on fire. Trading is exciting, it’s challenging, it’s a great way to stay informed on current events without slipping into existential dread… it also teaches great lessons and it’s much more fun with friends."

Citadel plans to redeem $500 million from Melvin Capital after WallStreetBets face off

It was the Gamestop trade against Melvin Capital that made a name for the WSB subreddit.

GME memecoin surges over 460% following Keith Gill’s return

The GME memecoin, an unofficial digital currency borrowing GameStop's stock ticker, saw a dramatic increase in value, trading over 460% higher on Tuesday.

GameStop Stock: A Symbol of Market Volatility and Retail Power

GameStop stock has become emblematic of unprecedented market volatility and the burgeoning influence of retail investors. This shift underscores a pivotal moment in financial markets, with GameStop (GME) embodying the potential for significant gains and highlighting the evolving dynamics between institutional and retail investors.

Jordan Edelson Talks how TradeZing fits into Era of Meme Investing

Welcome back to Finance Feeds at the Bitcoin Conference 2023 in Miami. Today, we have the pleasure of interviewing Jordan Edelson, CEO of TradeZing.

Time for brokers to add options trading as volumes explode on high volatility

"Usually, adding options to the typical CFDs and equities offering leads to fragmentation of the platform technology as many brokers will need additional back-end and front-end components, and that could be an important barrier for them. Apart from that, legal hassle and costs associated with proper licensing of market data could be a barrier at first. We are seeing this trend among market data vendors and exchanges to make it easier and more affordable."

FinanceFeeds announces participation at FIA Expo 2022

The FIA Expo 2022, which takes place in Chicago on 14 & 15 November, is one of the most prestigious events within the global derivatives trading industry.

PayPal explores stock trading platform to take on Robinhood and Square

Payment giant PayPal is reportedly looking into the launch of a stock-trading platform for US customers after it has hired a brokerage industry veteran to head its "Invest at PayPal" division.

Australia wants to ban PFOF as practice comes under greater scrutiny

"Payment-for-order-flow arrangements create conflicts of interest that can lead to poor client outcomes. It can also negatively impact market liquidity and pricing. In our view, these harms outweigh the benefits."

Authorities deny Robinhood’s movement for real time settlement

Robinhood's infrastructure seems unable to deal with the T+2 settlement cycle in times of extreme volatility. The United States are in the process of moving toward T+1 for its risk mitigation, but the Robinhood-backed real-time settlement remains a mirage.

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