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“The fact is, that every day activities, such as checking e-mail, searching for information on the internet, buying things and checking social media networks, are happening on mobile devices more so than on PCs. A reported 33% of people use their smartphones to access the internet” – Yael Warman, Leverate

“I was lost in the details. And the devil was there. We spoke at length. The small talk was fair” – Grahamacre This is the first part of a two part series (maybe more) looking at the importance of understanding how important choosing the right broker is for a retail investor. Link to part two […]

Industry secrets shared, part 2. Helen Astaniou, PR & Marketing Communications Manager FXPRIMUS You are a keen forex trader and you are looking for a broker.  How do you choose?  Or, you are a marketing professional and you are looking for ways to differentiate your company from the many hundreds of brokers on the forex stage.  […]

The Forex brokerage industry has gotten to a point in which differentiation is hard to accomplish. With the widespread availability of “out of the box” solutions, a one-size-fits-all modus operandi has spread across the sector, offering little to no unique selling propositions. How then, should a brokerage differentiate themselves from the competition? The answer is: […]

This op-ed and all opinions included in this editorial are my own. Regulators from the US through to New Zealand are putting a lot of effort into labeling  OTC binary options as a scam or ponzi scheme with regular notices about brokerages that are scamming unsuspecting retail customers to creative infographics that outline “How not […]

A question popped into my mind and had me a little puzzled over the past few days. I felt like doing some trading again and found myself asking; “who will I trade with”? Whilst this may seem like an easy one to answer for some, remember this; I have been in the business for close […]