Week in Review

ESMA’s rulings for European brokerages are an emulation of the US six years ago. Brokerages are reliant on IBs, and this structure is vital, however staying compliant and using proper IBs is now a massive reality. In America, IBs need to be NFA regulated and have ‘trained’ their high quality client bases to expect sustainable trading environments. Time to explore relationships with American IBs? We think so.

From past experience, leverage restrictions do not affect high quality regions with good firms, and their client base just gets better. This new ruling signals the reason why small to medium firms now need to adopt a good quality approach and get away from the old CPA, digital marketing, lead buying and churning models. Customer deposits will go up and reliance on offline relationships will be paramount. Here is our incisive opinion

Discerning retail traders are no longer hampered by having to resort to b-book retail shops with inflexible also-ran and marketing-led services, but can, from the comfort of their own living room or whilst on the move, now genuinely emulate the professional trader. We go to Plantation, Florida to meet John Bartleman, President of TradeStation to discuss the company’s move toward a wider audience, complete trading environment modernization and the encompassing of retail traders by one of the world’s most esteemed professional platforms

London-based Brad Alexander is CEO of FXLarge, www.fxlarge.com, a content provider whose clients are retail forex brokers and educators who are looking for the best way to motivate, educate and inspire their clients to trade better and with more confidence. The company provides bespoke and  White Label educational and how-to videos and a twice weekly market […]