Japan to transfer FOREXTrader customers to Advantage Trader - FinanceFeeds Japan to transfer FOREXTrader customers to Advantage Trader

Following the change, scheduled for August 12, 2017, customers will have access to more currency pairs and additional technical indicators.

The Japanese business of, the retail FX brand of Gain Capital Holdings Inc (NYSE:GCAP), is planning important changes to its trading platforms. Customers of Japan that trade on FOREXTrader will soon have to use Advantage Trader, the company said in an announcement today.

The transfer is scheduled for August 12, 2017. The switch is poised to be complete after a weekend maintenance.

Following the transfer, traders will be able to trade a higher number of currency pairs – this number will increase to 84 pairs. In addition, the traders will be able to make use of additional indicators and trading tools. The broker also promises them access to an enhanced cashback program. says that most users will be able to keep their login data unchanged. Those that will have to change passwords and other login data will be contacted by the company. Some data concerning transactions, reports and accounts will no be saved following the transfer, warns.

Talking of platform changes for customers of Japan, let’s note that the company will also change some of the MT4 servers. The upgrade is also scheduled for August 12, 2017.

Recently, the US business of also underwent changes, following the transfer of clients from FXCM. GAIN Capital entered into a definitive agreement to take over FXCM’s US retail FX clients on February 7, 2017, with no upfront payment having been made, but the value of the deal instead depending on the trading activity of the newly acquired customers. In late February this year, published an announcement about NEW Advanced Charting. The service is brought by TradingView, the financial visualization platform. TradingView’s advanced charting offers a flexible user interface and includes various line drawing tools, more than 50 customizable indicators, and advanced candlesticks including Heikin Ashi.

Earlier this week, TradingView said that it had taken its partnership with GAIN Capital to another level by establishing a trading connection with

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