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GMO Click reports of issues affecting FX, options trading

Trading on platforms including FXNeo and Click365 was disrupted for about 3 hours today.

Clients of online trading services provider GMO Click Securities, a subsidiary of GMO Internet Inc.(TYO:9449), experienced issues affecting a number of services offered by the broker, including FXNeo and Click365.

The company has confirmed that some of its customers could not log in to FXNeo whereas trading on Click365, as well as trading in FX options was affected by what the company called a “system malfunction”. The first problems were reported around 20:15 (local time). The company managed to restore the trading functionalities of Click365 at 21:20 (local time). At 23:00, the operations of FXNeo, the retail Forex trading platform operated by the broker, were also restored.

GMO Click’s services are rarely interrupted by tech issues. The last time similar disruptions occurred was on October 27, 2017, when a tech problem rendered transactions on Click365 impossible. The problem was detected around 6.54 (local time) and the message about the restoration of the service was posted around 7.29 (local time). Problems with margin determination were also reported.

Back then, the company did not specify the cause of the problem either. It was also defined as a “system malfunction”.

Earlier in January 2018, clients of GMO Coin, the virtual currency trading subsidiary of GMO Internet Inc, had some rough time, as they were unable to connect to the services for about five hours. The company has confirmed that the problems started around 14:00 (local time) on January 4, 2018, with many of the customers not being able to access the platform. GMO Coin did not specify the particular reason for the problems but said that it managed to restore the normal operations around 19:00 (local time) on that same day.

GMO Coin reported similar issues in November. On November 13, 2017, its customers experienced problems with exchange rates and connecting to the platform. GMO Coin has dubbed the incident a “system failure” but did not provide any details on the cause for what had happened. The service was restored several hours later.

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