IB TWS mobile app enhances chart navigation

IB TWS mobile app enhances chart navigation

Working with charts has become more convenient on the latest version of IB TWS app for Android gadgets.

Over the last several months, we have seen electronic trading firm Interactive Brokers Group, Inc. (NASDAQ:IBKR) regularly update and enhance the functionalities of its online trading solutions, including its desktop platform TWS and the mobile trading apps.

The latest set of improvements, released on April 6, 2017, concern the IB TWS mobile application for Android devices. The enhancements focus on working with charts, with more functionalities now activated by one’s fingers.

The newest version of the application allows customers to pan and zoom charts with touch gestures. They can navigate backward and forward between dates by swiping left or right on a chart, and use the “pinch” gesture to zoom in/zoom out.

Another enhancement is that advisors get the ability to see portfolio and account data for groups and profiles by choosing them from the Account Selector.

The latest series of enhancements to the IB TWS application for Android gadgets come less than two weeks after the broker rolled out updated the solution, adding order presets in the cloud. Presets created in desktop may now be applied to mobile orders. Presets can only be modified in the desktop version of the TWS platform, but the broker promises that the ability to modify presets in TWS for Mobile will be available soon.

The IB TWS mobile trading application provides electronic access to stocks, options, Forex, futures and futures options. Customers may make use of real-time streaming data and charts and have the ability to transmit orders instantaneously or use the order ticket, they can also monitor their trades and get immediate access to their account balances and portfolio data.

IB TWS also offers a BookTrader trading tool, real-time market scanners, real-time alerts with email notifications, and access to daily IB market briefs.

The desktop version of TWS is regularly improved too. One of its most interesting and innovative functionalities – the IBot, a type of natural-language interface, keeps on developing. The latest beta version of the TWS platform for desktop has added IBot Voice Recognition. This functionality has earlier been made available on mobile devices.

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