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IG makes indicator alerts available on new web platform

IG’s new web platform continues to add functionalities that suit the needs of technical analysis fans.

Electronic trading firm IG Group Holdings plc (LON:IGG) continues improving the functionalities of its new web platform, with the latest set of enhancements being apparently targeted at technical analysis fans and those traders that feel that they need to stay up-to-date with the latest price moves and the direction of possible future price changes.

The new web trading platform now offers ‘Indicator’ alerts which can be added via the ‘Alerts’ tab on a chart.

  • Traders can add indicator alerts to any chart via the Alert > Indicator option.
  • The next step is to specify which indicator one would like to focus on and the specifics of the alert.
  • Then, the traders have to choose when they would like to be alerted, and click ‘Set Alert’.
  • A confirmation of the alert will appear in the end of the alert setting procedure.
  • It can also be seen via the ‘Alerts’ fly out from the left hand side. This is also where traders can delete an alert if needed.

Technical analysis capabilities have been in the focus of the improvements the new web platform has seen over the past several months. In August, the platform gave traders the opportunity to make use of up to eight Moving Averages. And in May, IG responded to client requests by introducing Fibonacci extensions to the new platform charts. Traders can access this feature from the drawing tools menu on the new charts. In July, the broker added an Elliott Waves tool to the new platform charts. It can be found in the drawing menu at the top of the chart, or by right-clicking on a chart. Traders can then pick five points on the chart to form the drawing.

With regard to enhancements to IG’s services, let’s note that the IG Community is currently undergoing some upgrades. Community members must have witnessed the somewhat different design of the forum, including highlighting of certain topics.

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