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Monex is all about audio, as broker gets cozy with Voicy and Amazon’s Alexa

Traders get to access Monex news and information via Amazon’s virtual assistant and innovative voice media Voicy.

Monex Inc, the Japanese online trading subsidiary of Monex Group, Inc. (TYO:8698), is reaching out to a wider clientele that wants to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the global markets. The broker has announced the launch of its channels on innovative voice media Voicy and cloud-based voice service Amazon Alexa.

Monex’s channels will deliver fresh information about the global markets and economy in a comprehensible manner. That is, the information is set to be accessible to a wider audience. Given that the Voicy application is accessible via websites and mobile gadgets, the Monex news sessions will be of use to those who are always on the go but would like to listen to the latest news stories.

Regarding Alexa, the famous virtual assistant, she will provide access to Monex’s news and talk shows via verbal communication, that is, it is enough to tell her “Alexa, play Monex’s news” and the broadcast (podcast) will start playing.

The broker is currently experimenting with this “voice blog” format and expects to adjust according to users’ feedback.

Monex has been adopting novel technologies. In January this year, for instance, the broker enhanced its customer-facing operations by introducing an AI-based chatbot. The company explained that the AI-based solution aims to provide faster and more efficient responses to customer queries. The chatbot was first made available on Monex’s website sections dedicated to tax returns and annual transaction reports – these sections are visited a lot around the end of the year. The broker noted that the fact that a chatbot may work 24/7 and without any holidays is particularly useful at the present moment.

Early this year, Monex introduced a new service that taps the capabilities of AI to enhance Forex trading. The service, developed in partnership with technology expert HEROZ Inc, aims to prescribe AI treatment so that one can improve his/her trading style and, ultimately, one’s trading results. Put otherwise, the service, which is available to users of Monex’s FX Plus, will actually result in a sort of “medical prescriptions” for Forex traders.

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