Under 30: Meet the industry's future leaders

Under 30: Meet the industry’s future leaders

Noam Stiekema

As is a FinanceFeeds tradition, we celebrate the hard working individuals who are all under 30 and moving up the ranks. Meet our industry’s future leaders.

industry's future leaders

In an industry so well established with roots in all four corners of the globe we took time to discuss what the industry will look like in 10 to 20 years from now.

Whilst we all share different views on where the industry will end up or what it will morph into, the fact is that we forget the many good folk working in the industry. Especially the younger generation that started at the bottom and worked their way up essentially dedicating their careers to fintech, trading and finance.

As is a FinanceFeeds tradition, we decided to celebrate these hard working individuals that have and very well may become the future industry leaders as they move up the ranks. So without further ado, meet the industry’s future leaders (all under the age of 30).

Are you under 30? Are you under 30, moving up the ranks and not on the list below? Please get in touch with me [email protected].

As a side note

We thought it may be best to start with the very best first (the devilishly good looking yours truly), then in no particular order the real hard working up and comers!


Noam Stiekema (Co-founder @FinanceFeeds)

With a solid background in the digital, marketing and sales arena, mystery surrounds Noam’s entry point into the industry. We do know that this industry has given him grey hair at the ripe old age of 29.

Those that know him, can vouch for his many long hours on sales floors from Sydney through Tel Aviv, selling everything from cold pressed soaps to FX trading; working his way up within just a few short years.

Besides purportedly having an awkward habit of hi-five’ing just about every senior executive in the industry, it is rumoured that he held the title of the youngest director of an ASIC AFSL entity at some point in his career. WOW.

Now to the real hard working folk. Enjoy.


Delia Claudia Bercea

Delia Claudia Bercea (Executive Relationship Manager at new startup launching soon!)

I joined the FX Industry in 2012 and since then I have had the opportunity to observe and actively both amend and improve major Business Development Projects with Leaders in the FX Market. I must say the variation in Management insight and oversight has been ultimately the most educational and rewarding part of my fast and growing development.

Working with Retail models, sliding proficiently into the Institutional environment enabled me to have major leaders in the Industry as mentors concluding with my decision to proceed now in establishing a new Business Project that will be a key in the ultimate communication between End User and Product segmentation.

Read Delia’s full interview and story here


Holly Fitzgerald (Head of Back Office FXPrimus)

After moving to Cyprus – fresh from my studies – I made the decision that I wanted to work for an international, professional industry in which I could grow, and in which people could grow with me.

Even though my studies were completely unrelated to forex or even finance, (I had a masters in Sports Science!) I was determined to absorb everything I could about this complex industry and work my way to the top.

Read Holly’s full interview and story here


James Glyde cTrader Spotware

James Glyde (Head of Business Development cTrader / Spotware)

I have a very diverse role as the Head of Business Development at Spotware which requires me to be very agile.

I manage all commercial activities of the company including sales, marketing and client relationships as well as helping our developers plan and gauge the priority of new features to be included in one of our regular updates based on the feedback received from brokers.

Read James’ full interview and story here


Lydia Solinksi.

Lydia Solinski (Liquidity Manager at 360T Trading Solutions)

Having only started at 360T last month, this is my largest opportunity to date. Having had the fortune and pleasure to manage liquidity relationships at TradAir and Integral, I now have a more strategic and sales function on a larger scale.

Read Lydia’s full interview and story here


Sami Mana

Sami Mana (Chief of Staff at Leverate)

When I started to work at Leverate I was a student and this was an industry I knew nothing about, but I saw the opportunity to work at an incredibly innovative company in its very early stages in an industry that was very incipient and I realized that this would challenge my creativity and would help me grow tremendously by allowing me to take part in various aspects of the company.

Read Sami’s full interview and story here


Emma Walker Wachsman PR

Emma Walker (PR Aficionado at Wachsman PR)

After moving from Dublin, Ireland to New York to work at Wachsman PR, Emma Walker today represents some of the world’s fastest-growing bitcoin/blockchain companies, leading groundbreaking, expectation-defying campaigns.

Companies rely on Emma’s uncanny ability to translate and clarify even the most complex concepts; with her help, companies have better achieved goals like raising capital, securing partnerships, and acquiring customers.

Read Emma’s full interview and story here



Simon-Kjaer (Project Manager, Client Experience at Saxo Bank)

I attended an industry event at Saxo Bank where I got the chance to discuss industry trends within the space of retail trading and investing. This lead to a job-interview and the rest – as you say – is history.

I currently fill the role of Client Experience Project Manager. Overall I work with creating the Saxo Experience. My main objective is to continuously optimize our omni-channel communication with clients and making sure we deliver the right information and education in the right way to at the right time.

Read Simon’s full interview and story here



Martins Skromans (Head of Sales at OSYSTEMS)

As the head of sales I am mainly responsible for the communication  with the potential and existing partners, providing the consultation on our product, and the possibility`s that awaits them in the exiting world of Binary Options business.

If you have to sum it up, my main role is to be there friend, listen carefully, and figure out how can we address the needs and wishes of our partners. .

Read Martin’s full interview and story here


Jennie Lobanova

Jennie Lobanova (Executive Producer, iFX EXPO / CONVERSIONPROS)

Funnily enough, I have been attending iFX EXPO from the very first shows and have a collection of badges that show my growing relationship with the Expo – from attending as a Broker through my Marketing position at Blackwell Global, to part of the team in early 2015 as Assistant Producer and finally as Executive Producer.

It feels like I’ve been part of the iFX EXPO team for years!

Read Jennie’s full interview and story here



Ben Cohen (COO, TradersEducation)

I am the COO of traders Education, In my day to day I manage all company  operations, from working close to the sales managers and optimise different funnels we use to developing the company strategies.

Read Ben’s full interview and story here



Kateryna Samardina (Marketing Manager at Advanced Markets / Fortex)

Making sure that people, who are looking for the best solution for their businesses, (perhaps they’re looking to Start their own Brokerage or become a Liquidity Provider) find us and make direct contact with our team. One of our goals is to provide them with our industry knowledge and, hopefully, the tools to make better informed decisions.

So, apart from my other day-to-day activities such as running ad campaigns, distributing content, CRM & Marketing Automation, my role is to act as a “matchmaker” between our future Clients/Partners and our Business Intelligence team.

Read Katya’s full interview and story here


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